Nov 2017

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Simon Mayer - Sons of Sissy

Showing Friday 18 September
17.00@Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek

Sons of Sissy
 is a continuation of the research I started for my last solo performance "Sunbengsitting". A research around Austrian traditions, customs and rituals.


This time I will work with 4 austrian musicians/performers (Manuel Wagner, Simon Zöchbauer, Matteo Haitzmann and Patric Redl) who bring a background in different forms of traditional austrian dance and music into the project. Our interest is to share our knowledge and practice around the very original traditional forms. We will look for ways to experiment those forms and structures combine and open them up with contemporary dance, experimental music and electronic soundscaping. The outcome of the project will be a performance with live music and dance which can be played in theaters but can also be adapted for alternative location (open air, barns, concert places). For these locations we will work on different formats (like f.e. a concert version that needs less space and with the main focus on the music). 


Simon Mayer will be resident @ Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek from Monday September 14 to Sunday September 20.