Maa 2018

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Other residents on tour

Other residents on tour

Leen Degraeve & Karin Verbruggen – My Number Ones
19 November @ De Werf, Bruges (work in progress)

Leen De Graeve (RITCS, zie!duif) and Karin Verbruggen (DanceWEB, Olga de Soto) research their body and life by means of pop history. How do they relate to the thousand-five-hundred-seventy-six songs that hit number one during their lives?
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Hans Beckers – Clangdelum Cinematographica
20 November @ Performance Fricties Festival, Hasselt

Clangdelum Cinematographica takes you on an associative trip from Indonesia to Charleroi. From the top of a volcano, between swirling hot springs, a hectic tube station or inside the mechanics of a steam engine, you are submerged in a world of sound… with visual and sound recordings of intriguing places, Hans Beckers reveals the musicality and poetry of the every day in an audiovisual triptych.
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Charlotte Bouckaert & Steve Salembier – Bildraum
4 December @ De Werf, Bruges

What is our memory’s influence on our view of reality? Charlotte Bouckaert and Steve Salembier sort it out in the installation-performance Bildraum. It’s as if you glance through a photo album of memories that are yet to come.
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