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din 01/11/2016 > zat 05/11/2016

If we observe the demands that digital media have placed in our psyche, it seems that we have achieved Marinetti’s dream society: as if globalization has found the ideas of the early avant-garde’s aesthetic model. International freelance labour increases and culture becomes global due to the influence of the internet. More and more we experience feelings of non-belonging and a sense of diminishing political agency.
This feeling of displacement and the demands for flexibility have also deeply affected the art practice of Néstor Díaz García. His practice is a place where he tends to work within different, constantly shifting media and frames of representation. In an attempt to search for some fixed ground he is looking to areas where current discourses, art, popular and underground culture intersect.
In this piece he attempts to counter the dominant a-historicism of digital media by re-inscribing its strategies in different artistic genealogies and traditions. In an effort to problematize internet culture using its own tools, he borrows digital strategies and devices and remixes them with traditional and outmoded frames of representation, adhering contemporariness through disjunction and anachronism.

concept, set design, video, sound and performance by: Néstor García | duration: ±45min | co-production: KWP Pianofabriek, Station / Service for contemporary dance (Belgrade), Bâtard Festival (Brussels), wpZimmer (Antwerp) | thanks to: Akademie Schloss Solitude (Stuttgart), Kunstencentrum BUDA (Kortrijk), Kaaitheater (Brussels), PARTS/ROSAS Summer Studios (Brussels)