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reglement zalen/salles

infoformulier verzekeringen


Gebruikersgids Zalen / Tarieven 2019-2020

Guide d’utilisation Salles / Tarifs 2019-2020

EVERYTHING ABOUT rent our space


Do you want to organize an event in the Pianofabriek? That’s possible and we would love to do it together.

We give priority and the best prices to people who want to make society and the Pianofabriek a better place. Therefore it’s important that you fill in the forms to request a room as completely as possible.

It is necessary to pay before the start of the activities, otherwise the access to the room will be denied.

For activities with an audience of more than 50 people, a person from your organization must be present at the reception in order to receive the visitors until the end of the activity and the closing time.

When using the bar there is always one of our bartenders present: he or she will help you during the activity. Only wine and aperitifs can be taken with you with prior permission and the payment of a deposit of 60 euros. All other drinks and catering must be taken from our catering services.

During the school holidays, we interrupt the usual weekly activities to make room for once-only internships and activities.

The Pianofabriek is not insured for accidents and thefts during your activities. We ask you to take out insurance for the risks associated with your activity. You can do this by filling in an application form that you can find on our website.

The deposit may be withheld completely or in partially if, for example, the premises aren’t cleaned up or if you don’t show up without prior notice.

The rules apply to every use of a room. Please read them carefully in advance.
You will find everything summarized in the user guide which you can download on the right.

You can submit your request via the application form on the right.
You can also call us and ask for Isabelle or you can send an e-mail to zalen@pianofabriek.be