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Katja Dreyer - Ophelia comes to Brooklyn

mon 22/02/2016 > fri 26/02/2016

The brave little tailor - according to Grimm

Said the Unicorn to the Tailor,
greetings on this fine day

But, said the Tailor,
Don’t you know there is no
Such thing as a unicorn

Oh i am, she cried,
Don’t you see that I am
Fair as the morning air
Bright as the morning light
Soft as the morning dove
Fleeting as morning love…

The Tailor alas
Saw no future in poetry
So he chopped off her ivory rod
Rode her home for his hobby horse
And married his ugly
But very rich princess

Unicorns since that day
travel in disguise

By Antje Katcher

Katja Dryer is currently working on a piece based on the life and legacy of her aunt. Her aunt had immigrated from Germany to New York in 1969, the same year her mother fled from Tschechoslovakia to Germany and the first man landed on the moon. Katja’s aunt was a poet, a writer, an economist, a publisher, a member of the christian left...

When she died, Katja inherited her apartment on the upper west side, 2000 slides, poems and a theatre piece. All of it will form the basis of her new work called ’Ophelia comes to Brooklyn’.