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TRY IT LOUD: Volkan Incüvez

thu 03/03/2016 - 20:00 > 22:00

Hepyek is a solo, live loop performance composed of modal and modern music elements as well as improvisation. Volkan Incüvez uses traditional instruments as the ney and çağlama, combined with fretless and electric guitar, as well as his voice.
The repertoire is based on folk music and songs from various regions of Turkey. Characteristic elements from traditional Turkish music are combined with improvisation and contemporary elements, which results in it’s very own style.
The music is an expression of the intersection and merging of the traditional and native life with modern society while having its share of the industry. Besides the rhythmic and the melodic structures typical for the Middle East; this performance offers a transcendental experience in which styles like afro rhythm and groove, jazz harmony, modular harmony and polyphony, Anatolian ethnic, and progressive music can be found.
Hepyek harvests melodies and harmonies on the mainlands, cruises the heavens without a route, and leads you deep down to the bottom of the sea.