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Rósa Ómarsdóttir - Second Hand Knowledge

mer 03/05/2017 > jeu 11/05/2017

Rosa comes from Iceland, a rather isolated country in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean. She has however been living, studying and working in Belgium for the last 5 years and during that time she has realized to a greater extent Iceland’s isolation.
With this project she wants to look at how this isolation influences the Icelandic dance scene, but more importantly she will look at other contemporary dance scenes in countries which, like Iceland, are considered to be either culturally or geographically located on the periphery.
She wants to explore the link between dance, community and context, questioning her own dance legacy and history as well as looking at the means through which information and knowledge are passed on the periphery. She wants to emphasize the power of so called second hand knowledge : a knowledge mediated by second hand means without direct contact to the source.
She is exploring this notion in peripheral countries by working with contemporary dancers/choreographers there. She has residencies in Greece, Romania, Latvia, Norway, Iceland for this purpose.