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Oneka Von Schrader - She

lun 29/05/2017 > ven 09/06/2017

SHE is a solo performance on the crossroads of DIY-spiritualism, urban shamanism, and feminist channeling practices. SHE invites us to a working studio, where SHE is present, armed with a tool-belt and engaged in one clear task : building a shrine, for something or someone bigger than herself. The material of the shrine is made up of every-day objects, found in the storage rooms or back-alleys of the theatre, ranging from left-over planks and cartons, to packing material and an old soy-yoghurt. The building process is haunted by the possibility of failure. At every second things can go wrong, parts can fall off, and SHE will have to start all over again. This creates a tension which keeps the audience involved in the process, on the edge of their seats, ready to jump in in case something goes wrong (again). This tension keeps the threshold between stage and audience as low as possible. SHE is not a participatory performance in the common sense but understands participation as a specific state of the audience, which keeps them alert and attentive and in the same time relaxed and open. While never leaving the main task of building the shrine, SHE engages with the audience during the course of the performance through other tasks such as reading personalized oracles from a tool-catalogue for the audience, channeling female voices from the past, and relating to the audience’s energies, their way of seating, and their past week’s headaches. Here, elements of healing and shamanism are used to establish a relation between the audience and performer body.
SHE is never only one on stage but many. It is not the performer-individual who is saying the words on the stage, but her body and voice function as a medium which channels other female voices and ideas from the historic and more recent past. What happens if we mark every sentence, every idea as produced by a female voice ? If we only do it consistently and long enough, will the world become more feminist ? SHE does not know, but SHE finds it worth trying.

image : Bas De Brouwer