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Come and go - Martina Barjacoba

maa 12/10/2020 > zon 25/10/2020

"Need" imply the principle that every action, thought or movement presented on stage is motivated by the imperative feeling of having to do it. This feeling of necessity does not need to be linked to a logical process of reasoning or thinking. We often find it visceral or hidden in the subconscious. This need can lead to a truth in our actions.

Two people wrapped in a mechanical structure created a priori on the basis of physical effort and repetition; as a kind of gymkhana that they must follow from the beginning to the end, in agreement and respecting the rules of the game, as a repetitive structure of behaviour learned over the years.

They want to feel something, to experience sensations through movement and action, they are not always able to do so, but they try, again and again, sometimes with frustration and sometimes with motivation.

With hope, they fight against boredom and routine logic by using their own bodies as a tool of disobedience and protest in search of change and progress.

Choreography and performance: Martina Martinez Barjacoba & Ares D’Angelo | Audiovisual and sound: Massimiliano di Franca | Co-production and artistic support: Dame de pic / Cie Karine Ponties | With the support of: Kunstenwerkplaats, KANAL - Centre Pompidou, workroom, Theatre Marni, Garage 29, Centre Culturel de Jette.