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mon 02/11/2015 > fri 06/11/2015


In 2015 about 50 Million people will suffer from dementia. That is an incredible large number of people who are forgetting where they left their keys, how to put one foot in front of the other, or who are the ones they love. Add to this number all the people that surround these patients -friends and family, worried, caring but mostly afraid to be forgotten- and you’ll understand that dementia is one of the most significant social and health crises of the 21st century.

Seeing someone close struggle with the failure of his brain and body, and the family’s reaction to that, Ugo Dehaes could but search for the beauty in what it is to forget, and how it feels to no longer control your movements. In the summer of 2015, Ugo will create and dance the trio DMNT, a piece in which he tries to bring a physical translation of what is going on the demented people’s minds, and make a visual translation of its social impact.
In continuation of Grafted and Girls, DMNT will be a very physical production. The scenography consists of a very large airplane-wing - once used for an abandoned theater-project. While times ticks, the wing turns and descends, all the while casting a dark shadow over the performers. Once on the floor, this beautiful object becomes a burden, dividing the space in two, and obliging the dancers to adapt their complex dance-patterns.
Dance: Kayoko Minami, Ugo Dehaes, third dancer
Music: Roeland Luyten
Light: Arne Lievens
Scenography: Pieter Eycken

Production: kwaad bloed vzw
Distribution: Vincent Van den Bossche - www.vincentcompany.be