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Etienne Guilloteau - Feu

mon 05/10/2015 > fri 09/10/2015

In Fall 2015 Etienne Guilloteau is going to create a new production named Feu, a piece made with and for Argentinian dancer Cecilia Lisa Eliceche and live music by electric guitars quartet ZWERM, an ensemble that mingles an experimental pop/rock attitude with the precision and rigor of classical compositions.

Guilloteau hasn’t worked on the form of the solo since his early works; for the first time he will create a solo for someone else than himself and moreover for a woman. The figure of Antigone will be a source of inspiration for this work built around the theme of resistance. And it’s not by chance that Etienne proposed this role to this young and talented dancer who is particularly busy in the search for a way of expressing her political concerns through dance and choreography.

Choreography Etienne Guilloteau
Dance Cecilia Lisa Eliceche
Live music Zwerm
Light design Hans Meijer
Costumes Anne-Catherine Kunz
Administration klein verzet
Production Action Scénique
Coproduction BUDA Kunstencentrum
In collaboration with STUK, Kaaitheater, wpZimmer, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek