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Tuning People - RUIS!

mon 03/08/2015 > tue 01/09/2015

A performance about noise.

Advertising noise, traffic noise, superficiality noise.
Clumsiness noise, wind-through-the-trees noise, radio noise.
About what is not intended to be there.
About what we are trying to reduce but always returns.
About imperfection in a world that strives for perfection.

Wannes Deneer (Tuning People) creates with NOISE! a sound and image composition as a playful rehabilitation of obsolete techniques. As a remedy against the indifference of the permanent renewal, he applies outdatedness as a standard: he rebuilds fragile, imperfect technology on his own way. He makes live sound sculptures that produce noise (or ’ruis’ in Dutch): machines without any economic benefit. In the imperfection of his machines - made from waste and discarded engines - lie poetry, familiarity and humanity.
NOISE! is visual art, music and theater; a puppet show of abstract shapes and sounds; a scenographic concert with swaying fans, cardboard discs, inflatable menhirs, disturbed video images and moving speakers.

Concept and composition: Wannes Deneer: I Cello: Seraphine Stragier I Sound objects: Wannes Deneer and Olmo Claessens I Video: Wannes Deneer and Jochem Baelus I Direction advice: Jef Van gestel I Costume advice: Maartje van Bourgognie I Dramaturgy: Dries Douibi I Technique: Olmo Claessens I Light design: Sander Salden I Production coördination: Lotte De Mont I Production: Tuning People I Coproduction: deSingel I Residenties: WP Zimmer, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, Walpurgis & deSingel