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Renée Goethijn & Dries Gijsels - No Use For Binoculars

© 2015 Diponkar Banerjee https://eagleridgeimages.smugmug.com

mon 19/10/2015 > fri 30/10/2015

Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t after you. – Joseph Heller

Never before in history, data about our personal lives were collected and stored on such a large scale as today. Every time we make a phone call, every time we post or look up something on the internet, every time we move: all the while we’re producing and sharing information about ourselves, be it consciously or unconsciously. 90% of all data in the world was created in the last two years. By means of these growing databases, governments, companies and secret services try to predict our behaviour. We’re all being labeled as potential consumers, potential tax evaders, potential terrorists,…

In No use for binoculars Dries Gijsels and Renée Goethijn, together with Nona Buhrs, Femke Stallaert and Tomas Pevenage, investigate the value of the hidden in an era of increasing transparency. Might it not be important that we have things to hide? Or are we evolving to a society where everything is out in the open, a society replete with information, but stripped bare of all mystery and poetry? Will we ever be alone again? Or are we perhaps more alone than ever before? 

Gijsels and Goethijn create an absurd universe, populated by voyeurs and exhibitionists, by sharers and followers, by people and their profiles come alive. A world of curtains, trenchcoats and hidden cameras. A world in which the distinction between who’s watching and who’s being watched becomes increasingly unclear…

Renée Goethijn and Dries Gijsels met at the RITCS during their director/theatre maker training. They found they shared a love for the absurd, the imperfect and the irrational. In their work they try to create new ways of looking at reality, by deconstructing that reality and putting it back together in bits and pieces.  


Concept and directing: Dries Gijsels, Renée Goethijn
With: Nona Buhrs, Tomas Pevenage, Femke Stallaert
Production: Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek
Coproduction: Monty Kultuurfaktorij, C-mine cultuurcentrum / werkplaats
Thanks to: kc De Werf, cc De Grote Post
With the support of de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie


20/11/15 Kultuurfaktorij Monty, Antwerp (première)
21/11/15 Kultuurfaktorij Monty, Antwerp
27/11/15 kc Nona, Mechelen
09/01/16 cc De Werf, Bruges (in collaboration with cc De Grote Post, Ostend)
17/05/16 C-mine cultuurcentrum, Genk

© 2015 Diponkar Banerjee https://eagleridgeimages.smugmug.com