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Veli Lehtovaara - Natural Resources

thu 11/02/2016 - 12:16 > 13:16

Redefining the concept by configuration of dance practices with practices of moving in the nature:

“In Natural Resources I focus my work on the relation and conceptual difference between “nature” and “culture” from the perspective of choreography and performance. I desire to understand what do we mean by these concepts and how do they relate to each other pre/historically, etymologically, politically and practically. The aim is to articulate relations to nature, within and surrounding us, which are not driving from consumption or the logics and practices of capitalist economy. Instead, within the artistic practise I propose an economy of attention, which does not apply an abstract currency (such as money), but is based on direct relationships within the environments we are inhabiting. In the process of creating such a proposal I will configure dance practices with the practices of moving in the nature.

Here, the immateriality and temporality of dance are taken as an advantage. Dance does not consume natural resources, but has the power to subvert the concept by re­defining the relation with an environment.“

Veli Lehtovaara