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Julien Bruneau - A Field

maa 27/02/2017 > zat 04/03/2017

This residency is the first stage in a long term research titled A field. The research grapples with the question of space, the space we are in and the space we are made of. Space as an occasion for experience. Space as a field always already full of potentialities that both precede and permeate any personal intention, choice or action. Adopting a perspective that is transversal to the outside/inside division, this project is also interested in embodiment as a practice that, by dealing with what circulates through the body, effectively acknowledges the body as a space, an habitat, a milieu for events of various sorts to occur.

This phase of the research will be dedicated to examine a practice where the stability of repetitive structures and linear trajectories allows for drifting, gliding or outpouring. Space is addressed here in its constructed aspect, defined, framing and perennial, but it is also considered as a field of labile relationships, an environment charged with affects, memories, invitations and projections.

Concept: Julien Bruneau / Research, performance: Anouk Llaurens, Sonia Si Ahmed, Julien Bruneau / Artistic mentor: Myriam Van Imschoot

A field is supported by the pilot project Third!, Das Research Amsterdam (http://www.ahk.nl/atd/lectoraat/onderzoek/third/) and is in digital residency on Oral Site ( http://madewitholga.be/pages/A_field )

Image: Norman’s chart of the lower Mississippi River, by A. Persac, Library of Congress