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Louis Vanhaverbeke - Transpanopticon (working title)

mon 17/07/2017 > fri 11/08/2017

Keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.

The theatre-maker Louis Vanhaverbeke is working on what could be the human measure. Measurement is useful in assessing physical forms and sharing them with fellow humans. But what about the inside of the human body? What measure do we apply to internal processes and how do we measure dreams, illusions and other fabrications?

Panopticon is a game that has gone out of control, one in which Louis Vanhaverbeke looks for ways of keeping his fantasies cooped up. We are told that boundlessness is a danger, but the urge for freedom is at the same time often the driving force behind our labours. How can independence be maintained in a restricted yet shared reality?

The theatre is a box with four walls. Is it a shelter for the familiar? Are the walls mirrors that reflect what has been attained? Is the theatre a place where the inconceivable provides access to an as yet unrealised dimension? The theatre has become that rare place where we can together focus our attention on a physical rendering of possibilities. Away from the screen.