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Congolisation #3

thu 01/02/2018 > sun 04/02/2018

Congolisation is a multidisciplinary art festival that promotes the contribution of Congolese and African diaspora to the Belgian cultural field.
From February 1st till February 4th 2018, emerging artists will perform their unique points of view, histories and truths by means of public lectures, dance, theatre, installation, music and cinema.

Congolisation is an acronym formed by the French words Congo & colonisation. Congolisation is all about subversive art that critically shapes new futures, where new narratives on the intense relationships between Congo, Sub Saharan Africa and Belgium arise, from the perspective of African Diaspora.

Tickets can be booked online. You can book a ticket for 1 event or you can book a 4-day PASS for 20€. If you book a PASS do not forget to make a reservation for every activity you are planning to attent to.

PASS (concerts, dance and theatre + cinema) 20 €


<< 01-02-2018 >>
EXPO Vernissage
(expo > 22.02.2018)
18:00 -22:30

• Uhorakeye
• Art by Souha
• Déborah Lebeni
• “Wanneer we spreken over kolonisatie/” Quand on parle de la colonisation” (“When we talk about colonisation”) Book initiated by Vesna Faassen & Lukas Verdijk - Installation by Laura Nsengiyumva

On a beautiful summer’s day, Audrey received a traditional and unique name from her family, as is common in Rwanda. Uhorakeye means "the unified beauty of body and mind, the constant light, the glow". A glow that can be found in the incomplete lines as well as in the shapes and colours of her artistic signature.

Art by Souha
Souha Abu Taha, born in 1989 in Belgium of Moroccan and Lebanese descent, paints to try to record her thoughts, to materialise them.... She moves forward on autopilot, completely detached. In those moments of great freedom, she questions herself about the disturbing world in which we live.

Déborah Lebeni
Déborah, passionate about drawing from childhood onwards, started painting at the age of 11. She was mainly influenced by her childhood, which she spent in Africa. A true source of inspiration for Dévorah are women and their infinite source of courage. Their daily struggle around the world is the driving force behind her artistic expressiveness.

“Wanneer we spreken over kolonisatie/”Quand on parle de la colonisation” (“When we talk about colonialism) " Book initiated by Vesna Faassen & Lukas Verdijk and installation by Laura Nsengiyumva
“Wanneer we spreken over kolonisatie/”Quand on parle de la colonisation” (“When we talk about colonisation) is a collaboration between Congolese historians who are trained and working in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The book is a collection of essays by Donatien DIBWE dia Mwembu, Sindani KIANGU, Pamphile MABIALA MANTUBA-NGOMA, Jean-Marie MUTAMBA MAKOMBO and Jacob SABAKINU Kivilu. It is also the first book published in Flanders by Congolese historians. These five authors chose an article that they found important to highlight the debate on colonialism. The book will be transformed into an installation by Laura Nsengiyumva.

<< 02-02-2018 >>

Afropreneur Meetup by
Renaissance Africaine asbl/vzw

Price: 5€

Afropreneur Meetup is a platform set up by the non-profit organisation Renaissance Africaine to promote entrepreneurship among young people of African descent in Belgium. With training, information and inspiration, they help African entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into concrete projects. Their mission is to prepare all Africans for daring to do business, in Africa or in Europe, so that they can contribute to the African Renaissance in their field.

Price: 10€
Tickets (places are limited):

• Warm’Up: DJ IllSyll
• Lubiana
• Darrell Cole

Energy and eclecticism are the key words that describe a set of IllSyll. Always looking for different musical combinations in order to translate this into her mixes, she uses sound as a language and communicates with you through her boxes.

The fusion of jazz, soul and African folk in Lubiana’s music reflects a unique bond with her heritage. After she discovered the kora - a kind of lute from West Africa - she immersed herself in this fantastic instrument and meditation. Since then, her music has been interspersed with new textures and innovative rhythms: the ideal support for her sensual, fragile and safe voice and at the same time, delicious jazzy.

Darrell Cole
Antwerp-based artist Darrell Cole blends in his rap the sounds of the Golden Era with contemporary rap. The Sierra-Leonese rapper was born in London in 1989 and ended up in Belgium with his mother and younger brother. From an early age on, he learned the art of song writing by transcribing the lyrics that his mother listened to. Music is therefore a common thread in his life, it becomes his passion. This way, he developed his own style and flow and distinguished himself in the Belgian hip-hop scene. His track "Take me away" was even used in the series Survivor’s Remorse by Starz, co-produced by LeBron James.

<< 03-02-2018 >>

WORKSHOP / Emotion -theatre-
with Babetida Sadjo
(In French)
10:00 - 14:00
Price: 15€
Tickets (places are limited):

Babetida Sadjo, a Belgian actress from Guinea-Bissau, divides her talent between France and Belgium, theatre and film, short films and feature films, in dark theatres and on television. In a four hour workshop participants will share with her the different moments of emotions that we encounter and express through our body and mind.

14:00 - 15:00 Session 1: Tickets (places are limited):
15:00 - 16:00 Session 2: Tickets (places are limited):
Literary workshops with Marie-Thérèse Mondombo Ambusa

CINE-CONGO: Hommage Kiripi Katembo Siku
14:30 - 16:30
Price: 5€
Tickets (places are limited):

With his first video work "Voiture en carton ", Kiripi Katembo Siku makes his artistic gesture: an unexpected glimpse into his city, Kinshasa, and its surroundings. Driven by a human intuition and sharp image feeling, Kiripi has really "bitten life with his eyes" (Sinzo Aanza).

Symphony Kinshasa by Kiripi Katembo Siku (15 min)
Film: RDC/2010
VO Fr/lingala, ST En
A portrait of Kinshasa that reveals the implosion of the city by shedding light on the consequences of corruption, neglect and poverty.

“Maman Colonelle” by Dieudo Hamadi (72 min)
VO Fr/lingala, ST En
Colonel Honorine works for the Congolese police and is responsible for child protection and the fight against sexual violence. While she has been working in Bukavu in the east of the DRC for 15 years, she has been told that she is being transferred to Kisangani. Here, she comes face to face with new challenges.

Dieudo Hamadi
Dieudo Hamadi was born in 1984 in Kisangani (DRC). He studied medicine at the University of Kisangani. He then participated in various workshops on documentary making. He directed his first feature film in 2013.

17:30 - 19:30
In cooperation with BOZAR
Price: 0 €

Black History Month was officially introduced in the United States as a continuation of the Negro History Week, and became an annual celebration of the history of the African diaspora. Today, it is organized in various forms in several cities and countries (United Kingdom, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, etc.) around the world. Does Belgium need a Black History Month? Why and how should we organise that? On the initiative of the artist Pitcho and various Brussels activists and with the support of BOZAR and Pianofabriek CityLab, a joint reflection on how such an event can take shape in Belgium is being launched. Two debates are scheduled during the festivals Congolisation and Afropolitan in February 2018. The first debate will take place on February 2nd during the Congolisation festival at Pianofabriek and the second will take place on February 23rd in BOZAR during the Afropolitan festival.

Participants (February 2nd only)
Emma Lee Amponsah,
Tunde Adefioye,
Mireille Tsheusi-Robert,
Pitcho Womba Konga,
Omar Ba.

20:00 - 23:00
Price: 10€
Tickets (places are limited):

“Kifesh” by Oumar Diallo with Oumar Diallo and Djimi (5 min)
“Kifesh” tells the story of two young men and their relationship with time. It is a work in progress based on hip-hop techniques and was created by means of improvisation and freestyle exercises to reflect the personality of Djimi and Oumar.

“The revolutionary” by/with Max & Aurel (12 min)
Aurel and Max are the founders of the Training Program. This programme consists of developing the dancer’s identity to enable him/her to develop professionally. After this training programme, they decided to show their vision of dance, with "The revolutionary" as a result.

“GIANT” by Alesandra Seutin with FayB (25 min)
An urban legend strongly inspired by Rwanda, a small country with a tragic history in which we played a role. After returning from several journeys and meetings in Kigali, it was important to Alesandra Seutin not to remain silent about this tragedy.

“Terre Riche” by/with Nadine Baboy (20 min)
“Terre Riche” raises the issue of mining in Congo and the consequential damage it causes. The main character, performed by the solo dancer Nadine Baboy, evolves in a hybrid artistic world and expresses herself in modern African gestures to the beat of an original soundtrack of poetic rhythms and lyrics.

<< 04-02-2018 >>

14:00 - 15:00 Session 1: Tickets (places are limited):
15:00 - 16:00 Session 2: Tickets (places are limited):

Literary workshops with Marie-Thérèse Mondombo Ambusa

MEET-UP: Kin/Bxl Platform
14:00 - 17:00

Dada Kahindo,
Véronique Clette Clette Gakuba,
Denis Mpunga

18:00 - 20:00
Price: 10€
Tickets (places are limited):
(In French)
“Les Murs Murmurent” (“The Walls Whisper”) by Babetida Sadjo
A woman stands before her father, whom she last saw fifteen years ago. She wants to tell him about the lack. She wants to talk to him about the neglect, which she is still recovering from. She arrives at this place where the silence of the dead echoes the words of the living. From reproaches to declarations of love, she unfolds the thread of her life full of childhood traumas, from which he was missing.

<< 22-02-2018 >> FINISSAGE EXPO