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Leandro Nerefuh - Orphic Exuberance vs. Solar Capitalism

maa 05/03/2018 > zon 18/03/2018

This work is based on cultural narratives about the Sun and the sentiments it generates of ‘exuberance’ - often related to ideas of tropical subjectivity and art; and ‘cosmic anxiety’ - often related to the uncertainty of the future of planet earth for humans. Solar Capitalism is when the worldwide integrated capital takes hold of the solar myth: the rotten sun, the movement of the earth, water tides, and animal coitus become a capitalist machine, and even cosmologies are colonised. Orphic Exuberance is the desire to take the Sun in one’s own bare hands.

The plot presents a synthesis of historical materials that span from the Aztec myth of the 6th Sun, to Campanella’s novel Sun City, to the philosophy of the Solar Rattle (R. Negarestani), to the Rotten Sun (G. Bataille), to the Black Orpheus, to the suprematist opera Victory Over the Sun, to Russian cosmists, to the orphic poetry of Waly Salomão. And it is played out to the public by characters or avatars that stem from a Brazilian tradition of the trickster.

At this stage, the work will be conceived the KFDA Festival as a living installation, orchestrating text, sound, movement research, and sculpture.

Leandro Nerefuh and Libidiunga Cardoso (Bertioga, Brasil) is an artist duo whose work moves through the ambiguous territory between academic discourse and artistic creation. They tackle the question of Brazil’s (post)colonial legacy using historical material that they translate or transliterate into a variety of forms such as installations and exhibitions, workshops and performances, books, public sculptures and agitprop experiments often devised for specific contexts.

Cecilia Lisa Eliceche
(Bahia Blanca, Argentina, 1986) is a dancer, choreographer and dance advocate based in Brussels. Cecilia is fascinated by the endless potential of the body and movement and conceives dance as a site to experiment and rethink notions of ‘democracy’, ‘community’ and ‘the political’.

Caetano (Brasilia, Brasil, 1980) is a visual artist and programmer based in Amsterdam. His work explores the legacy of cybernetics in relation to ideas of automation and conscience, always having the human body as central.