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Anna Maria Häkkinen

maa 04/12/2017 > vri 15/12/2017

During this residency, Finnish choreographer Anna Maria Häkkinen and her team are looking for new ways to make movement-based dance after an era that questioned the flow of movement. The work aspires towards freedom and euphoria through compositional and material discipline by creating a pre-composed choreography that liberates the dancer from the ubiquitous decision-making and production of new content. The purpose of the residency is to create material for a new piece with a smaller group. The material will be later adapted and composed to six dancers.

Fundamentally, the work is about flow of movement that results in pleasure. The flow and its varying intensities, tempos and suspensions accumulate and pile up energies that leak into the dancing body and from the body back into the space.

Working group in the residency period: Anna Maria Häkkinen, Erno Aaltonen and Soile Voima.
Dancers: Hanna Ahti, Eeva Muilu, Anna Mustonen, Maija Mustonen, Anna Torkkel and Soile Voima.
The piece is a co-production of the Zodiak - Center of New Dance, Stoa, Anna Maria Häkkinen, Erno Aaltonen.
Producer: Riikka Thitz

Premiere: 10.10.2018 Stoa, Helsinki (FI)
Residencies: Contemporary art space Kutomo (FI), Pianofabriek Kunstenwerkplaats (BE), O Espaço do Tempo (PT)