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Julie Pfleiderer - Safe

maa 04/06/2018 > zat 23/06/2018

The 21st century Western world tries to have explanations for everything, to be in control via medicine, science, politics, economy, and social media. What if there are phenomena, gaps or research fields where we don’t find answers? What if something remains inexplicable, indefinable, incalculable?

Fields of empirical knowledge that we consider valuable, particularly science, satisfy our minds but leave our body in revolt. As in Todd Haynes’ 1995 film, ’Safe’, Carol White’s allergic reactions keep growing in intensity and duration making her life increasingly impossible. She grows weaker and weaker and it is not clear if she is a victim (of an ecological crisis, of objectifying science or of twisted pseudo medical charlatans) or an unconscious manipulator craving attention and refusing the world because she can.

The performance, inspired by the film, portrays a contemporary version of hypersensitivity. As a hybrid experiment between performance and contemporary music it offers an immersive journey for the senses, beginning as a live concert and evolving into a sophisticated live radio play.

A project by director Julie Pfleiderer, composer Oxana Omelchuk, actress Caroline Daish and 3 musicians from Ictus Ensemble.

Direction & Concept: Julie Pfleiderer
Composition & Concept: Oxana Omelchuk
Performance & Concept: Caroline Daish
Musicians: Tom Pauwels (guitar), Gerrit Nulens (percussion), Hanna Kölbel (cello)
Sound Design: Alex Fostier
Script: Pieter Delfosse
Choreography: Christine De Smedt
Set, Costume & Light: Jochen Schmitt-Thelen
Co production: Kaaitheater, Ars Musica, Ictus, BUDA Kortrijk, Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek and Wien Modern, Brut Wien.

(c) Julie Pfleiderer

Tour dates
November 22- 23 _ Kaaistudio’s (Première) _ Brussels
November 27-28- 29 _ Brut / Wien Modern _ Vienna (AT)

May _ BUDA (dates to be specified) _ Kortrijk (BE)