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Jihan Imago - Natural Born Healer

Jihan Imago is a visual artist and Trans* activist living in Brussels and born in France of Algerian origin. He likes to define himself as "Born Female Boy". Like the fact of being of North African culture, being Trans* has had a strong social impact on him, especially in the discriminations that each implies and the roles that are presupposed. One of his major wishes is to contribute to changing society by stimulating reflection, through art work and militant projects. First he started drawing, and then added photography and writing, followed by movement and voice. Art as a research tool. Art work that, like identity, is a response and constantly evolving.

"NATURAL BORN HEALER" is an autobiographical and poetic solo performance. Embracing Oliver Stone’s ‘Natural Born Killers’ and Gregg Araki’s ‘Doom Generation’, two teen cult films intertwining shady roadtrips and love stories. Jihan Imago sees a parallel with what he has gone through before. His itinerant journey, a strike back of romances and tragic situations where each time he escapes death. Succession of departures with very limited choices "Stay and submit or leave?".
His story is like a prayer, a breath of life, an impulse, a song of healing. She says, “I’ve survived and I was born just now."
A tale about how to love and how to survive. Imago refers to the outbreak of the butterfly after the larva and cocoon. The big question posed by this piece is: What is there after the butterfly?