Sep 2021

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Nadine Baboy - Désintégration Culturelle

‘Désintégration Culturelle’ is a hybrid work that brings together poetry, music and dance. The idea is to take the audience on an artistic journey where words, movement and music speak in unison. The theme revolves around cultural heritage and challenges the notion of identity and cultural belonging. A contemporary approach to mixing is reflected by the choice of artistic disciplines put forward in this show. From afro dance to flamenco, krump, dancehall, stepping, hip-hop and house dance, urban dance styles are intertwined and blended together.
And the peculiarity of this work is its itinerant character. It takes the form of a journey between several spaces where artists create a proximity to the audience and allow it to travel from one universe to another.
With the collaboration of the City Lab, Nadine Baboy, creator and artistic director of this performance, wants to explore the artistic development of ‘Désintégration Culturelle’ in depth and achieve a result of a true professional quality.