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NOON III (working title) - NOON

mon 22/03/2021 > sun 28/03/2021

Project and young collective NOON creates a series of performative installations in which imagination is used as a tool to connect, to come together. NOON always departs from the bodies. The awareness of - and connection with - our body could be the first step to connect human beings with their environment - again, but differently, and who knows - with each other.

NOON III (working title) tries to create a world where different creatures are dependent on each other, a world which is constantly transforming. Here they are looking for a moment to create encounters, to pay attention to one another / to imagine, dance and rest together.

The work will premiere as a masterproject within KASK Drama at the end of April 2021.

Created by: Joram De Cocker, Janka De Waele, Judith Dhondt, Iris Donders, Tuur Geldhof, Delphine Mertens, Jietske Vermoortele & Elena Vloeberghen | Thanks to: KASK School of Arts, Bardia Mohammad, NADAR, Radical House, Heike Langsdorf, ZSenne artlab, De School van Gaasbeek, Kunstenwerkplaats, KAAP, Geert Belpaeme, Anna Luyten, Senne Vanderschelden, and everyone who inspired or supported us one way or another.