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ONE - Veerle van Overloop

mon 05/04/2021 > sun 18/04/2021

To live is to go from one room to another, doing your best not to bump into yourself - Georges Perec

In a dynamic crossover of dance theatre, videography and live music, ’ONE’ shows the kaleidoscopic story of O. For this young, anonymous woman, the natural connection between her inner world and the outside world has been broken. She finds herself in isolation and attempts to relate to her surroundings. Until she suddenly does cross the threshold. The outside world proves to be too overwhelming and she retreats again.

We are inspired by stories of hikikomori, Japanese (young) people who completely withdraw from society. Sometimes they don’t leave their room for years.

Opposite these emotional stories, we place the observational language of Georges Perec, a French writer who in the 1970s wrote the collection ’Espèce d’espaces’. In this collection, he forensically explores our understanding of space.

Made with and by: Veerle Van Overloop, Olympia Kotopoulos, Isabela Manea, Olav Huizer, Joachim Rümke, Jelle Valk, Judith Blankenberg, a.o. | Redited by: ShELFISH | Co-production: Grand Theatre Groningen |

Expected premiere: August 2022 Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival