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Choreographic Sculpture #3 - Collective - Vera Tussing

mon 17/05/2021 > mon 24/05/2021

Vera Tussing and the students of the Antwerp Conservatory (Artesis) are working on a movement score that will form the basis of a durational installation performance under the title, Choreographic Sculpture #3 - Collective with various interventions at DANSAND!.

The movement score they perform for DANSAND! is the "stick walk", a score from Vera’s 2014 creation T-Dance. In T-Dance, this was originally created for four performers, but will now be adapted and transformed into a score for a larger ensemble. Multiple performers are connected by wooden sticks, in an exercise of mediated touch.

This "organism" merges the individual movements and interactions of the performers into one larger movement practice. What kind of walk, movement or dance is created when you connect a group of people? How can they move, roll, slide or push while remaining somewhat remotely connected as part of this collective body?

Concept and performance: Vera Tussing & studenten Antwerps Conservatorium (Isaac Butler, Raphael Damasceno Ferreira de Moura, Agnese Forlani, Fyllenia Grigoriou, Marah Haj, Arnau Moreno i Grau, Oscar Pascual López, Valeria Secchi, Hanne Van Driessche, Flora Virag, Bjorn Vervecken, Anna Orfee Tibergien, Nicolas Verlinden) | Production: Hiros