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A Reflection on Canon (Research) - Rosslyn Whytes

mon 26/07/2021 > sun 08/08/2021

It is a body of research that explores canon as a choreographic tool. The possibilities of canon in musical composition have been profound and there is more potential for canon’s translation in dance. Canon is dance that references itself. Using the ideas of cognitive scientist and physicist Douglas Hofstadter we can understand this self reference as a "strange loop" and "tangled hierarchy" giving us the possibility to invert this relationship and gain a deeper insight to its fractal-like reoccurring nature.

The first aspect I will work with is the live dance work. I will work with another dancer, Sara Tan to continue building movement material for the live performance work. Specifically working on the ideas of directional canon, rhythmic canon and table canon.

The second aspect I will work on is creating video installation works, exploring canon in the digital 3D space (like how a computer game is created). Working with James Hogan, we will explore how a recently created dance film in the 2D digital space translates into the 3D digital space using the program Macs Live.