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From sea to sea_volledige programma


Caucasus - From sea to sea

thu 06/02/2014 > sat 29/03/2014

The Caucasus, situated between the Black and Caspian Sea, is a region that is not well known amongst our countryfolk. When it appears on the news, it is generally associated with war or other types of conflict. The cultural heritage, however, from the magnificent landscapes to it’s enthralling history are seldom shown.
If we look at Caucasus as a bridge between Europe and Asia, then the first thing that draws our attention is a great diversity of languages, cultures, religions, as well as a common identity reflected in the clothing, dances and rhythms. The Caucasus consists of more than 10 republics, whereof only Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are not parts of Russian Federation.
The Winter Olympic Games 2014 are planned in the Caucasus (Sochi). This is an excellent opportunity to devote our attention to this region. That’s why a number of partners, as BOZAR and Cultuurcentrum Brussel have decided to come together and organize a series of cultural activities surrounding the republics of Caucasus.