Oct 2021

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  • femimain, a contemporary collection, made by hand, by women in workshops and cooperatives in Morocco and sold via an employment project set up by vzw Pianofabriek.
  • femimain stands for fair trade, for solidarity and for respect. Product by product, we want to strengthen the social and economic position of women in the south. And here in the north, with femimain, we want to contribute to a better understanding of the world around us, with special attention for the north-south relations.
  • femimain, are women in Morocco who have taken their first steps in entrepreneurship, towards independence and social mobility, because those are important trumps to play in the battle for a better life. They are autonomous and self-conscious. Our cooperation is based on equality and mutual understanding. The skills of the women are key and femimain supports them. Although there is a lot that makes us different, we focus on what binds us. We have built a durable and honest trade relationship, based on the principles of fair trade.
  • femimain also provides opportunities for people in Belgium. Because we are known as a social economical project, our motivated “femimain ambassadors” look after the sales of our collection, to shops as well as to private individuals.